Saturday, August 24, 2019

Remote Controlled Aircraft History

In 1944, towards the end of WW II, the US Department of Defense launched two military operations in Europe, the Army Air Corp Operation Aphrodite, which employed remote controlled B-17s loaded with explosives to crash into bunkers and enemy positions, and the Navy's Operation Anvil using PB-4Ys to accomplish the same mission. The project was costly and subsequently scrapped.

In 1962, the Department of Defense approached JFK with a false flag proposal called Operation Northwoods to conduct terrorist attacks on US soil thereby blaming it on Cuba as an excuse to invade the island. Among other things, it would include the hijacking of US airplanes. JFK nixxed the idea and it was never implemented.

In 1984, at Vanderburg AFB, the FAA and NASA conducted a joint project wherein a 4-engine B-720 jet aircraft was taken off, flown around the field several times making a total of six autolands all by remote control without crew/passengers onboard before it was intentionally crash landed to test crew/passenger survivability in the event of a crash landing.

In the mid 90s prior to 9/11, a system was developed by the US government that enabled a commercial jet aircraft to be electronically hijacked by remote control in the event of an attempted hijacking inflight wherein the autopilot could not be disconnected by any means, and flown to one of numerous nearby airports in the world for an autoland.

In this Wikepedia article, it acknowledges that such a system exists and that Boeing patented this system in 2006. While this may be true, the technology was developed and produced in the mid 90s.

If this modern technology was available to the government prior to 9/11, I contend, although I cannot prove it, that this system was employed on 9/11 by the CIA/Mossad to fly the aircraft into buildings and will go to my grave believing that this was the case.

This certainly is a more believable scenario than the foolish assertion that poorly trained and inexperienced alleged hijackers flew B-757/767 aircraft without ever having seen the sophisticated cockpit or having flown the aircraft before.

Over a flying career span of 35 years, I accrued over 20,000 flight hours in 15 different aircraft, including the B-757/767 involved on 9/11, and could not have flown the flight profiles myself!

Hell...two of the alleged Arab patsy "hijackers" could barely drive an automobile.

There were no Muslims involved on 9/11 for which they have been persecuted the past 18 years. It was an Israeli/CIA inside job.

You've been lied to big time!

You be the judge.

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