Monday, July 9, 2018

World Trade Center Building 7 Collapse

Did you know that on 9/11 a third steel framed  building, World Trade Center Building 7, collapsed due to a few small office fires? The building was owned and insured by New York real estate magnate Larry Silverstein, the same man who leased and insured the entire World Trade Center complex just six weeks prior to 9/11.

At 520 pm on the afternoon of 9/11, Larry Silverstein gave the order to "Pull it", a term used in the controlled demolition of buildings. 

It normally takes weeks, if not months, to wire a building with explosives to demolish a building so they were planted before 9/11.

Among many other offices, the building contained the Office of Emergency Management of then Mayor Rudy Guilliani and the Securities and Exchange office that was investigating corruption at Enron, Halliburton, and other companies.

The destruction of this building was never reported in the 9/11 Commission final report.

Please recall that in the history of steel framed buildings, none had ever collapsed due to fire when, on 9/11, three buildings collapsed. Building number 7 fell at free fall speed in 6.5 seconds into its own footprint. 

The building was never struck by an airplane.

You be the judge.


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