Monday, July 9, 2018

Dov Zakheim and the Flight Termination System

The Flight Termination System, developed prior to 9/11 by System Planning Corporation (SPC), was designed to prevent would-be hijackers from commandeering an aircraft by remotely taking control of an aircraft in flight and auto landing it at one of 108 airports in the world. 

Additionally, it terminates all external cockpit communication, including the radar transponder used by air traffic control such as occurred with both the 9/11 aircraft and Malaysia Air Flight 370.

Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who has served in government administrations since the Reagan era, was CEO of SPC in the 90's, served as comptroller of the Pentagon on 9/11 where, the day prior then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reported that $2.3-trillion had gone missing from the Pentagon. Coincidently, the office at the Pentagon that was struck on 9/11 was the very office investigating the missing money where 25 auditors were killed and records were destroyed.

There are many who postulate that the Flight Termination System was employed on 9/11 to electronically guide the 9/11 aircraft to their respective targets.

You be the judge.

Was this same system utilised in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Air 370 wherein in the Rothchilds gained control of 4 critical patents as the patent holders disappeared with the aircraft?

You be the judge.

Google search "Dov Zakheim Flight Termination System System Planning Corporation Pentagon" for additional research.

You be the judge.

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