Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Email to United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

Dear United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

You do not know me. I am a former United Airlines B-777 captain whistleblower who attempted to speak out on safety and security frailties among other matters in 2002-2003 while United Airlines was in the midst of their post-9/11 Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I alleged RICO violations were involved and was wrongfully terminated.  I have witnesses and evidence to back my assertions. I have over the years collected enough additional evidence and information to confirm my allegations to be true.

I have attempted to expose federal criminal activity associated with my termination and the bankruptcy during both the Bush and Obama reign in office without success by addressing these issues with the Departments of Transportation, Justice/FBI, Homeland Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and many others. I am presently in contact with these and other offices who hold their positions courtesy of the Trump administration. Hopefully, I will be successful this time.

I have lived the past eight years in Islamabad, Pakistan with my Pakistani wife and just recently contacted the FBI Islamabad office for the purpose of filing a federal complaint alleging bankruptcy fraud, RICO, securities fraud, judicial corruption and a host of other issues surrounding the United Airlines bankruptcy.

My wife is a news anchor at PTV and has many media contacts in Pakistan who are interested to hear my story. I have been invited to appear as a guest on numerous programs but have declined pending the outcome of this investigation. Additionally, I am in contact with both US and international print media outlets that have expressed interest in my story.

 Although you were not Chief Executive Officer during this time frame, please correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe as such you have a fiduciary responsibility to your Board of Directors and shareholders to advise them that United Airlines may be under investigation by the Departments of Justice, Transportation, Homeland Security, the Security and Exchange Commission for the above alleged criminal activity. I currently working with Pakistani law firms to advise me and represent my interests  in this case.

United Airlines, in their termination of me, destroyed a 27-year loving marriage, the alienation of my two children who blamed me for the divorce, and the ruination of my career, reputation as a pilot, and my finances. For this alone I cannot forget or forgive.

As former United Airlines CEO Richard Ferris once said during the 1985 pilot strike, "Gentlemen...I do not wear round healed shoes". The same holds true for me. I will not relent in my pursuit of justice until it is served and recompensation is provided for those who were harmed, including the 130,000 United employees who illegally lost their $10-billion pensions and ESOP stock during the bankruptcy.

Please have one of your staff members read the following in its entirety.

During the past several years, while living in near destitution on my meager PBGC pension and social security, I have taken the time to co-author a book with a reputable author detailing the events of the nightmarish past 15 years of my life dealing with the government and United Airlines. My recent correspondance to numerous offices serves as the final chapter of the book. Our literary agent is in contract negotiations with numerous publishing houses for the best deal with regard to book royalties. This book will not bode well with the travelling public court of opinion.

I sincerely hope the book has a happy ending. Please see the attached photograph. I will never be silenced again.

Yours truly,

Captain Dan Hanley 
International Public Spokesperson 
Whistleblowing Airline Employees Assn 

House 277 Street 63
Sector E -11/3
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone 92-300-555-0644

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