Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Email Sent to FBI islamabad

Dear FBI Islamabad Special Agent-in-Charge,

I have repeatedly phone contacted and emailed your office without response for the purpose of collecting valuable and sensitive evidence and informants affidavits relative to my case. I am bewildered by your unresponsiveness as this case has been stonewalled by the Department of Justice and the FBI since late 2006.

I have sent your office enough sensitive information and evidence to warrant an investigation into this matter to commence an investigation and provide me with a complaint number so that my criminal informants can come forward with additional evidence and be deposed by the nearest FBI office to their home domicile.

My patience in this matter has grown thin. I currently have legal representation in Pakistan and have contacted the Minister of Interior Ahsan Iqbal seeking physical protection since this case involves criminal elements, as your office has not responded as yet.

I have copied the US Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz on this email as well as Tom Devine, the legal director for the Government Accountability Probject who represents NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden,  Dave Colopinto, legal counsel for the National Whistleblower Center, and the Project for Government Oversight office.

Please do not force me to take drastic steps to bring this case to public light.

My wife, Huma, is a prime time news anchor for PTV World in Islamabad and has countless media contacts across Pakistan and I am prepared to go public with this and other matters both nationally and internationally to spotlight the precarious position that I find myself in today.

I will patiently await your response. Patriotic US citizens exercising their first amendment rights of freedom of speech while following legal guidelines should not have to resort to such extreme measures and others to achieve justice.

Justice will prevail in this case. Please respond to this email by forwarding to me the FBI complaint number assigned to this case.

Very respectfully,

Captain Dan Hanley 
International Public Spokesperson 
Whistleblowing Airline Employees Assn 

House 277 Street 63

Sector E-11/3
Islamabad, Pakistan

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